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Parents’ Evening

Parents and children were invited to an outdoor experience evening. The response was fantastic, we had 45 families turn up. Not wanting the parents to miss out of the activities their children get involved in we organized 4 different challenges.

Activity 1: can you start your own fire using tools from the Neolithic age?

The children loved showing their parents how to use the tools, most hoping that maybe they will be the ones to actually manage this challenge. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as you think!!!

Activity 2: snail racing is always a popular event.

Could you encourage your snail to follow an obstacle course?

Hopefully humans have gained a bit of respect for the humble snail.

Activity 3: this was a S.T.E.M activity using water and building materials. The challenge was to build the highest tower on a piece of wood floating on water. Concentration and resilience were required for this one, although frustration set in when the competitive streak emerged!

Activity 4: bug hunting, using pooters or bug containers the challenge was to find a bug. The families could you any area of the outside classroom to look for bugs. Sadly the amount of rain we have had seems to have made the bugs run for the hills. Some people managed to find a few woodlice, worms or slugs. We would like to thank everyone who took on the challenge of getting their shoes muddy, maybe in the summer we could have another evening where we can see the outside in its glory.

We hope you had an insight into how your children learn using the outdoors and how excited and enthusiastic they are.

Watch the school calendar for future open evenings.