Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .


Cosmic have also been preparing the veg beds and planting seeds for our next crop.

Before going outside they watched a time lapse video of a pumpkin growing. This was followed with an introduction to understanding the information on a seed packet. To reinforce this they transferred the packet information onto their own yearly planning sheet as a visual guide.

They then kitted up and went outside.

Straw was removed from the beds and placed on the ground that had excess moisture due to the heavy rainfall. The beds were dug over and weeded, then topped up using our ground compost.

Potatoes have been planted and seeds have been sown.

What seeds did you plant?

How do we know when to sow, plant out and harvest our seeds?

We also took part in a worm count, the worms were taken and counted from one veg bed and then placed in another bed.

Why did we have to do this?

The numbers were recorded on a chart and the information collated to find total amount of worms.