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Playing With Sticks

How many ways can you use a stick?

After watching a video of a monkey using a stick to fish for termites, the children were challenged to 5 activities using sticks and natural materials.

Challenge 1:

to make a 2D shape. To extend the challenge make as many shapes inside the shape as you can.

How many did you manage?

What shape was the most difficult to do?

Challenge 2:

to make a 3D shape. The shape must be free standing.

This proved to be very challenging and only a few children managed to do it.

What natural material could be used to tie the sticks together?

Challenge 3:

to make a maze.

This was a varied activity. Some year groups made large combined mazes, some made individual ones and others made small animal mazes.

Challenge 4:

build a raft that floats. The raft can be no wider than the hand.

The sheep wool proved to be an excellent natural material to bind the sticks. Using their teasing and twisting skills from Neolithic learning they were able to build good solid rafts that did float when placed in water.

Challenge 5:

construct a bridge between 2 trees using only 2 props for stabilizing it. The goal is to build the longest bridge.

The architecture knowledge needed for this seemed to allude a majority of children!!! There were a lot of beautifully constructed squirrel obstacle courses though.