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Relationships and Diversity

What do we call family?

This is the question the children were asked to consider and then be able to discuss with each other.

Who do you consider family?

Are all families the same?

What were some of the differences in your class?

In small groups the next task was to put some pictures they had been given into order. There was no instruction as to any criteria for the order. There were quite a few different orders given including: rich/poor, lucky/unlucky, privileged/ not privileged and some put them in order of how a school day looks.

The outside activities encouraged the children to work together and show each respect and kindness.

Key stage 1 were learning what it means to be a family and how families are different, the role different people play in their lives and how they care for them. The activities encouraged them to listen to each other, be kind, develop strategies for positive play with friends and resolve any arguments.

Key stage 2, as well as the key stage 1 objectives they are learning about different types of relationships, how to get help if they feel lonely or excluded and be able to describe how to help others that may be feeling that way. They need to be able to name different types of bullying and hurtful behaviour.

What is discrimination?

Can you give at least 2 types of bullying?

Are you able to discuss your views on topical subjects?

Do you listen to others with respect?