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The activities this week encouraged the children to use their relationships with their peers to work together and solve problems.

Activity: using 1 long piece of string, which could only be held in an allotted area at each end, an a small bucket holding 11 red noses (100’s very kindly donated to the school by a parent). The bucket had to be carried from one point to another without dropping any noses or letting the bucket touch the daisies in the grass. If they manage to do this they have extra noses added to the bucket. There has never been so many children on tip toes with arms held as high as possible.

Activity: using only 2 blankets 50 red noses had to be transported from one end of the amphitheatre to the other. The blanket containing the noses could not have the children who were holding it moving their feet. However the empty blanket could. If the noses fell out they had to be left and eliminated from the end count.

How did you manage to move the noses?

Did you get all 50 across the amphitheatre?

Activity: 4 stools and a plank were the given tools to get from A to B without touching the grass. If anyone fell off they started again. Trust and team work were essential for this challenge.

Can you explain to someone else how your team tackled this?

Activity: a length of string was tied between 2 trees. Using only 1 extra length of string the children were to see how many noses they could balance between the trees. They could not split the noses in any way or help with balance by holding them. There were some ingenious ways the children came up with and 12 noses was the best number achieved.