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Rights and Responsibilities

In this session we want the children to understand their rights and responsibilities in and around school.

Lavinia stands for respect, we are using Lavinia to get a better understanding and to recognise that people and other living things have rights and that everyone has responsibilities to protect those rights.

Yr1/2 walked around the school grounds and the outside perimeter.

How can we show respect in school?

Why do we need to show respect?

Yr2/3 walked across to the thicket via walking through part of the estate.

What do we have respect for in the local area?

How do we show respect for the environment?

Yr5/6 walked to the local skatepark.

Can you suggest what could improve the local, natural and built environments?

What can harm the local, natural and built environments?

How can you develop strategies and skills to care for these?

What if someone doesn’t show respect?

How does this make you feel?

This has been an opportunity to reflect on our rights and responsibilities, not just in school but outside of school as well.

Can you think of at least one thing you could do or change to contribute to life in the classroom or environment?