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Rights & Responsibilities

What is the difference between a right and a responsibility?

This was the question that was addressed to the children in the COSMIC classroom

What is our environmental responsibilities in the Outside Classroom?

This was the question addressed to the children in the Boulter Building?

First  the discussion started around the differences and then moved on to examples of rights and responsibilities.

One of the tasks was to sort out a variety of statements into what the children thought were correct.

Can you remember at least 3 statements that are true rights?

Give 5 rights in school and 5 responsibilities.

After much discussion and questions and answers the children played Who Wants to be a Millionaire? With all questions relating to the given topic.

How much money did you win?

COSMIC also took a few year groups to the beach on Hayling Island. Here they collected rubbish as well as finding lots of exciting objects. Plastic is a material that is causing immense problems for the environment.

  • Most of the plastic ever made is still on earth.
  • The oceans are filled with more plastic than sea life. The plastic is killing it.
  • Eco bricks are used to build schools and other buildings in third world countries. They’re insulated and waterproof. People even build garden furniture with these!
  • We collected rubbish from our lunchboxes and the school grounds to fill bottles as well as going to our local beach to collect all the rubbish.
  • You can help by filling a 2 litre bottle…
  • Try to avoid bottles with a handle as they’re weaker for structures

In the Outside Classroom, COSMIC covered their responsibilities to our grounds and all living things in it and on it.

We made a stumpery to encourage insects and hopefully hedgehogs that may hibernate in there. The birds were treated to a variety of handmade feeders using fruit and sultanas. The children helped to replenish the compost piles with fallen leaves and also got to appreciate the trees by playing a blindfold game.

How did the game work?