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RSE Session 1

The teaching of this subject was age appropriate, the older children were asked not to give information to younger children as they may find it confusing and concerning.

 Yr1/2 Growing and Changing

We have previously covered relationships and diversity and relationships and boundaries.

This session is about differences in our bodies, lifecycles of humans, safe adults and knowing what is right for you- your body and your choices.

The first activity involved noticing the differences in two naked babies (dolls).

What differences did you notice?

Do you remember the scientific names for the private parts?

The second activity was looking at lifecycles, using pictures the children sorted them into age order starting with the youngest.

Can you name a change from each stage?

Baby to toddler, toddler to teenager, teenager to adult, adult to older person.

We then introduced the children to PANTS and explained the meaning and opened up a discussion. This gave an opportunity for the children to share their thoughts and understanding on what is right for them and think about who their safe adults are.

Privates are private

Always remember your body belongs to you

No means no

Talk about secrets that upset you

Speak up, someone can help



Yr3/4 are extending their prior knowledge of lifecycles of humans and changes in the body, emotions and safe adults. First, there was a discussion about consent. We talked about the fact that consent is a rule of LAW.

What does consent mean?

Can you think of some everyday examples?

What is the rule of LAW?

This discussion included personal space and a revision of the PANTS rule, online safety and personal information. They learnt the differences in their bodies and the correct language that is used for body parts.

The children watched a video showing cartoon illustrations of physical changes to both male and female bodies during puberty.

What are the main changes that happen to our body during puberty?

What are the good things about becoming older?

The children were also reminded about having a safe adult at school who they can trust and talk to and ask any questions about what they have heard in this lesson they may be unsure about and any other concerns at any time?

Who are the best people to get information from?

Why would you NOT use social media to get information?

Yr5/6 as well as discussing consent and the rule of LAW it was explained to the children that if you disregard consent in emotional and physical relationships this is harassment.

What can you do about this?

The children were also looking at their bodies and how they change. They watched a cartoon illustrated video about puberty. Although the information concerned both sexes, to minimise any anxiety and embarrassment the children were split into boy/girl groups to allow for further discussion and questions.

Key stage 2 children were given access to forms that they can put a question down that they would like answered, they put these in the post box outside the cosmic room. We constantly strive at the warren to make the children feel safe and have at least one trusted adult they can talk to.