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S.T.E.M. – Movable Project

Mini project, picture with moving parts.

Who can remember what S.T.E.M stands for?

This project gives the children opportunity to show their independence and focus while using their imagination and technical skills to produce a prototype. After being shown the available resources they could choose from, the children then had to draw and label their own design.

The design had to include a background, a moving part and a rod for the moving part. The labels were to show colours, direction of slot, and materials being used.

The main criteria was to have a moving part, eg a ball going from a person to a goal.

What resources did you choose?

Why did you choose these?

Once they were happy with their design they collected their required resources. Adults were around to help with any skills that may have to be learnt, this could be from cutting a slot into cardboard to using a glue gun.

What skill or skills did you learn?

Did your prototype work as well as you had planned?

The children then filled in a self-assessment of, I can statements.

The next step is in February when there will be a chance to evaluate and fix their prototype.