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S.T.E.M. Part 3

This week was the big test of how well our design techniques and calculations were.


criteria was to be able to go fast and travel a distance.

To measure the distance the cars were put on a slope with a start and finish line. The slope was then halved to check speed.

There was an opportunity to make any adjustments to the cars after the first test. Cardboard wheels proved to be at a disadvantage compared with the solid wooden wheels and the addition of sellotape wrapped around the wheels did not help.

Did you have any problem with your car?

How did you rectify this?

What addition helped the car go faster?


criteria was to have four plastic cups on the bottom of your boat and it must float and be able to carry weight.

Using a paddling pool of water the boats were placed, attentively by some, onto the water.

Pennies were then counted on top of the boat to add the weight. Balance was an issue with some and capsizing was the only option. Plastic bottles and containers fared better than cardboard and card although some of the designs using cardboard or card were quite robust.

Why did the plastic boats float better than the cardboard and card ones?

How did some children reinforce their cardboard/card boats?

Does surface area make a difference and why?


criteria was to fly and have a tail.

The majority of kites were successful and took off from the ground. The kites proved to be a fantastic tool for exercise and laughter. Some materials were better than others for the covering of the frame.

All of the finished projects are something the children should be proud of. They thought about the design, they considered any problems, then built their chosen project, tested, modified and retested.