Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .


What does S.T.E.M stand for?

We are embarking on a personal project to design, build, assess and improve either a car, a boat or a kite. This 3 week project will cover the science, technology, engineering and math that is required to achieve a finished and working (hopefully) item.

Each one had their own criteria.

The car has to be able to move. It is the fastest car we are looking for. It must have 4 wheels.

The boat has to float independently and be able to hold some pennies as cargo. 4 plastic cups must be included in the design.

The kite needs to be able to fly. It has to have a tail.

Each child must consider what materials they need and include this on the shopping list along with their drawings which must be a side view and an alternative view.

The design and list of materials will be used next week to build their chosen project.

What did you choose to build?

We can’t wait for the next block, where we will see the plans come to life.