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Science Enquiry

This week is the start of our science enquiry.

Yr1/2: are going to produce their own presentation to the rest of the school and these will be showcased on the website. They are going to prove the OC is a place where things are born, reproduce and then die.

Session1. Outside the children explored the trees/areas to focus on, animals and shelters.

What did you know already?

Do you think you can prove that later?

What information do you need to gather?

Inside they shared their pre- learned science knowledge concerning the life of the animals and plants in the Outside classroom. They watched a video showing them how to present a documentary. They then practised using an iPad to record their own documentary on their families.

Do animals live forever?

What did the penguins in the documentary have between their feet?

Are their any facts you can remember from the video?


Yr3/4: we are having some of the trees cut down. The children are going to work with the site manager and tree surgeon to explore the impact this will have on wildlife. They will develop areas within the grounds. This will also involve collecting data and evidence of animals that are using the trees and shrub areas.

Session 1. Outside the children will look at all the trees to be cut down. They will look at the areas that will be impacted.

Can you prove what you already know/think?

What information do you need to gather?

Inside the children used their prior knowledge to discuss reasons why the trees will be cut down and the impact this will bring. They watched a video showing the result of deforestation. We covered any misconceptions the children had pertaining to trees and the affect it has on our planet.

Give 3 reasons why a tree may need to be cut down

How will you evidence/prove my ideas?

Can you measure the impact?

Yr5 are going to oversee all the fruit and vegetables this year. This will include growing all plants from seeds or bulbs. In addition to this they will be selling plants to families to encourage growing at home.

Outside the children looked to see what is already in place and where it is. They checked the veg beds and dug them over.

What is there already on our site?

Are there any improvements we need?

Can we add anything else in other areas?

Inside there was a lot of information available to enable the children to plot the planting of fruit and veg, they used books, leaflets and plant packets. They used the 5 veg beds to plan and plot their suggestions. This had to include when to sow and when to harvest.

What do you want to plant?

How did you present your data?

Give reasons why there are some fruits and veg we cannot grow in the OC.

Yr6 are going to prove that interacting with nature has a positive impact. They will devise a care plan/health advice for all the children at Warren park who use the outside area. Using scientific language yr6 must prove that their advice has medical/physical benefits for humans.

During their session outside the children measured their resting heart rate. After exercising they measured elevated heart rate and then compared the difference. They talked about oxygen in the blood and how the circulation ensures all muscles in the  body get a supply of oxygen and sugar.   The children had a discussion which centred around how exercise can affect physical health and mental health.

Inside we looked at how the body works. Using previous knowledge, the children were encouraged to explain what they already know using scientific language.

What do the lungs transfer into the blood?

What do muscles need?

How does the above answer get to the muscles?

What is our heart?

How can exercise impact the body?

They were also asked what benefits they thought the outside session gave them. The task given was to write an honest opinion/idea for each of these sections:

What do we do well?

What can we do better?

What more can we do?