Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .

STEM and Art

We have used the outside area to help with our way of thinking (problem solving), and team work. This week we are inside using art to change direction with our thinking. Before we start the activity, we use a few breathing techniques and sitting exercises to improve our posture. Art is not about being an expert at drawing or painting but letting your imagination and creativity transfer to paper. Art is being recognised as a way that allows us to disconnect from stress, express our inner thoughts and even meditate. It takes your mind off things and makes you feel engaged and resilient. The children are shown a few basic brush strokes and given ideas for texture. Colour wise the colour palette for the painting is to be based on Autumn colours. The medium for this activity is watercolour paints.

Which artists do you know of?

What colours did you use to represent Autumn?

How did this activity make you feel?

Can you think of another activity that would showcase your creativity?