Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .

STEM Meccano

Our stem project tested the resilience and perseverance of the children. They discussed their hobbies and interests. Lots of children were interested in gaming and some seemed to think puzzles were ‘babyish’. They had 4 activities to challenge their ability to try, try and try again!

The stick activity involved building a tower as high as possible. This was an ideal activity for the children to apply their understanding of how to strengthen and reinforce.

How high did you build your tower?

Did you find a way to reinforce your structure?

The jigsaw puzzles proved to be an activity that activated the children’s determination and desire to finish something even though they found it difficult.

How did you feel when you manged to finish the puzzle?

Would you now do a puzzle at home?

If you wanted a real challenge, origami was the activity for you. There were instructions to follow that had to be done precisely otherwise the end result would be a bit of a mystery. This activity involved cutting, shaping and finishing the task accurately.

What did you manage to make?

Can you remember the instructions to make it again?

Finally, the children had meccano kits to make. This encouraged there understanding of how to build and move complex structures.

What did you make?

Did you manage to make it move?

What activity do you feel challenged you the most?