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Team Building

The children have activities to participate in that will rely on their teamwork and communication skills.

Amphitheatre, the children set up tubes to see how far a ball will travel down the tube to test how gravity pulls us down. They will be using scientific language, teamwork and problem solving.

How many tubes did you connect?

What did you do to get the ball to travel along the tubes?

Mushroom Woods, using their building knowledge the children are going to try and build the tallest stick tower around a tree. This will involve teamwork, DT skills, communication, effort and resilience.

How did you place your sticks to make a stable structure?

What problems did you come across?

How did you solve them?

Boulter Building, will be giving the children an opportunity to practise their p4c skills. This includes listening to others, taking turns, giving an opinion and reasons for that opinion, respecting other people’s opinions.

What subject did you discuss?

Can you explain your opinion of this?

Patio and designated wood area, hide and seek is always a game loved by the children. This helps them to work together, play fairly, take responsibility for their own safety and problem solve.

How well did you hide?

Can you give 2 bits of advice on how not to get found straight away?

In front of the boulter building the task was for one child to move along a line of children in their group by weaving in and out or, some year groups jumped over each other, then the child at the back moves forward until they get to the finish mark. This encourages team work, communication, trust and playing to the rules.

What was your teams’ best time?

What did you learn from this exercise?

Near the veg beds they had noughts and crosses. Two teams played against each other. Team work and communication was key for this activity.

How well did your team communicate?

What could you have done better?

On the benches, art straws were used to construct a bridge from one bench to another. No scissors or string were allowed. This tested their resilience, teamwork and problem solving and DT skills.

How strong was your bridge?

What improvements did you make?

Overall which activity did you prefer and why?