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Team Building and Goal Setting

Weeks 1&2 were all about learning new ways to challenge the children and their way of thinking.

WEEK 1: we had a review of all the housekeeping rules that are expected to be adhered to when coming over to Cosmic.

Can you think of 5 rules and why they are necessary?

Mr Jones and Mrs Jeal lead a Philosophy 4 children (p4c) session, while Miss Tester and Miss Read assessed against the 6 strands.

Which activity did you enjoy the most?

Was there an activity you did not like?

Why have you made these choices?

WEEK 2: Resilience and Independence were the two strands we were looking at this week.

Activity 1: working in a group of 3 the children had to pick up as many apples as possible without bending down. Resources such as scissors, sellotape, string and trowels were available, as well as anything laying around the grounds. After 5 minutes planning they then made their gadget and tested it.

What went well?

Were you able to fix any problems?

Did everyone in your team have a role?

Activity 2: to stand on a bench by the count of 5, once on they are not allowed to step onto the floor. They are then to get into birthday order, any one that steps onto the floor loses a point. A discussion of what went well and what would they do next time then followed. They repeated the game only this time in order of height.

Did you find it easier to do the second time?

What problems arose while doing this activity?

Activity 3: using a bean bag, multi-link and a tennis ball the aim of this activity is to decide which container to throw them into. The smaller

The size of the container, the type of object used and the further the distance all contributed to the final score.

Did you play it safe or take a risk?

How many points did you score?

What would you change if you did this activity again?

Activity 4: this activity relied on communication without speech. As a team they had to collect as many different items as possible from outside without moving the bucket and not allowed to be closer to another team member than 20 steps. If the same item goes in the bucket the teacher will empty the bucket. All items must fit in bucket.

How difficult did you find not communicating?