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Team Building

This week concentrates on team building and communication. We also used this as an opportunity to check against the 6 strands, how the children are doing after the lockdown. There were 5 challenges for the children to address.

Challenge 1:

Can your team get across a lava stream, with only stools, (1 less then the team number) to help them?

Did your team manage to get across?

Can you explain why you think your team either failed this task or succeeded?

Challenge 2:

which container will your team choose to try to get your cube in? There is a drawer tray worth 2 points, a yogurt tub worth 5 points or a small plastic cup worth 10 points.

What container did your team choose?

Was it a good choice?

If you had another chance would you change your decision?

Can you explain why?

Challenge 3:

can you stand on the bench and follow instructions without falling off?

How well did your group help each other?

Was there lots of verbal communication?

What reaction did your group show if someone fell off and you all had to start again?

Challenge 4:

can you put apples in a bucket? Not as easy as you think when you can’t use any of your body to touch the apples or the bucket. However, you can hold a bamboo cane with or without a fork attached.

Which cane did you pick?

Were you able to work independently or did you need help from a team member?

Did you persevere through the whole session?

Challenge 5:

giants, wizards and dwarves is a similar game to rock, scissors and paper.

Which one did your team chose giant, wizard or dwarf?

Were there any strategies to help you decide?