Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .

Team Work

This week all the children will have an opportunity to show off their team working skills. These are some of the skills we will be looking for: communication, resilience, perseverance, risk taking, problem solving, energy, patience and adventure.

Hole in my bucket. Using a bucket with holes in, the children had to move water from one point to another. They were only allowed to use their hands on the bucket.

What strategy did you use?

Which skill/skills do you think was needed?

Tube and ping pong ball. The end game was to get the ping pong ball up to the top of the tube using water. The only way to collect the water was by using squirty guns to aim into a bucket held by one child from the team.

How kind were your team to the person holding the bucket?

Did the person holding the bucket need different skills than the rest of the team?

Can you say which skill/skills might have been needed by the squirters?

Up and over. First the children split into 2 teams.With a large sponge and a bucket of water the children needed to dip the sponge into the water, pass it behind them using the over the head and under the legs method and empty any water left in sponge into another bucket. The person at the back then runs to the front of the line and repeats the action.

How did you feel if someone wasn’t playing fair?

How was this resolved?

Run the gauntlet. Using various size balls and Frisbees, 4 of the team had to try and get the rest of the team out. The team running had to cross from one side of the amphitheatre to the other without getting hit on any part of their body.

Did you enjoy throwing the balls and frisbees or running the gauntlet?


Of course, no team work session involving water would be the same if the adults in cosmic didn’t add their input to the activities. Water guns were loaded and ready.

Friday was Year R water activities session. They completed all the activities then after snack everyone joined in with a great water fight. Well done everyone what a fantastic week.