Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .

Textiles 2

Following on from our session 1, the next stage of the project is to put the children’s technical knowledge into use and make our birds.

Can you describe how you feel about sewing?


Using a ruler with drilled holes in equal spaces, the children were shown how to do a running stitch. They had a shoe lace to practice the technique.

What mantra did we use to help us remember the sequence?

Using a pre-threaded darning needle the children then stitched a ribbon loop onto their 2D bird.


First job was to separate the embroidery thread into one strand from 6. Then use the one thread and thread the needle. This proved a very frustrating activity but the children showed great resilience and focus. Once they had threaded the needle the children proceeded to stitch on the front of the bird, the features such as eyes, wings and feathers using running stitch.

How did you find the needle threading?


The activity was the same as yr3&4 but the children had to consider that their bird was accurately assembled and well finished, working within the constraints of time, resources and cost.

Did you manage to finish your assembly of the bird?

Do you think you will have time in the last session to finish or change anything you are not happy with?