Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .


Our DT project for the next few sessions is to produce a product that is based on a simple design but has a purpose. We are making bunting using birds made out of felt. Cath Kidston was our inspiration for this project.

How is Cath Kidston also described?

Why did we choose Cath Kidston for our inspiration?


Using a template, the children were going to make a 2D bird from felt material. After drawing around the template they cut the shape out using scissors. Once they were happy with this they cut out features for their bird.

Can you name 3 features a bird would need?

What bird did you have in mind when you were thinking of features?


Using or adapting a template the children were going to make a 3D bird. They drew around the template to make a back and a front for the bird. After cutting these out they designed and made templates for the features and cut them out also.


Adapting or creating a template the children were going to make a 3D bird. This would require them to develop, model and communicate ideas through talking, drawing, templates and mock-ups. This session also included the drawing and cutting out of their design, ready for session 2.