Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .


Dyeing and Printing

Our design and technology for this Autumn 2 block revolved around the works and ideals of William Morris. He used nature as inspiration for his arts and crafts paintings.

Can you remember why he wanted to turn his paintings into fabric and wallpaper?

We went on an Autumnal walk around the school grounds looking for our inspiration. We then transferred this onto mono print.

How do you do mono print?

Having done our print the next activity was to dye a piece of material using natural dye made from all the fruit and veg that we have grown this year.

What made the strongest colour?

How many fruit or veg can you remember which was used?


 Household Products and Drugs

Our PHSE session for KS1 covered the safety of medicines and house hold products. Using pictures to identify medicines and discuss the importance of understanding what they were, the children then had the opportunity to ask questions or share knowledge and deal with any misconceptions. We also discussed household products and why they should be aware of similarities to everyday foods and drink.

Years 3&4 also covered medicines and household products but in more depth and with deeper discussion using our p4c skills.

Who would you trust to give you your medicine?

How can you identify if the medicine is safe for you?

Where should dangerous household products be kept to keep children safe?

What else could be used to keep cupboards and drawers safe?

Years 5&6 covered legal and illegal drugs. Firstly they sorted photographs into legal, illegal or unsure sets. Secondly we discussed each type of drug and allowed time for any questions, comments and misconceptions. Next we used p4c to generate a question for our discussion. Lastly we had the discussion.

One question was: do the police think that keeping check of drugs is important or not important?

What do you think?