Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .


Following on from the Iron Age we were able to tie traditions in with their previous learning. We discussed how traditions would be passed on then, and how they are passed on now.

What traditions have your family got?

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

What was Halloween known as in Iron Age times?

To get the feel of a few traditional games we set up 5 activities.

Activity 1: apple snack.

The goal for this activity was to eat the apple off of the string. Unfortunately it was covered in Zombie blood (homemade apple butter).

Activity 2: don’t budge the bug!!

Using flour (rice flour in allergy cases) a dome was made with the flour and the bug sat on top. Using a knife, the children took turns to cut small bits of flour away without toppling the bug. The aim was to get the most number of cuts per group. The winning number was 94.

Activity 3: memory match.

This is a game of matching pairs. Put the cards face down, turn 2 cards over if they match you keep them if they do not match you turn them back over, remembering where they were.

Activity 4: blindfold bones.

The skeleton bones were muddled up and the children needed to rebuild it….easy….. one person was blind folded and their partner was expected to give precise instructions to enable them to find the pieces and reconnect the bones…….not so easy.

Activity 5: catch the creepy crawly:

in a very large bowl there was a selection of plastic creepy crawlies hidden under green gloop. Using a fork attached to a bamboo cane, the object of the game is to get out as many crawlies as possible. The difficulty lies in the fact that there is a perimeter of around the bowl that you cannot go into.

What was your favourite activity?

Which celebration do you like the best?