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Warren Park Values

Welcome back to a new year of learning with the COSMIC team!

We began with recapping all the very important rules to keep ourselves and our learning area safe.

  • Can you give 3 rules to keep yourself safe?
  • What are the reactions expected if you hear the whistle blow, once, twice?
  • Where do you go if the whistle blows non-stop?

We then got involved with team activities to encourage and understand different feelings and how they can affect people’s bodies and how they behave.

1: To capture the Warren Park Values and how the different monkeys help to enforce them

We spoke about each monkey and what they represent to make up our Warren Park Values. Then, we had a go at designing our own monkeys. The children had a quarter of a monkey each and designed their quarter with the values in mind. Then, the children wrote a few words about what their monkey represents. One child in Year 4 wrote “trying hard and not giving up like Esther”. At the end, the children joined their pieces together to create a whole monkey, and together they make up our Warren Park Values.

  • Can you remember the name of our new monkey?
  • Can you remember what Theodore represents?
  • What skill is Lawrence really good at?
  • Can you be like Warren and describe what you are the best at?

2: Bus Stop; this activity helps to build decision making skills and enables the children to express their opinion freely and accept that not everyone may share the same views.

The children listened to a pair of words such as day/night, book/tv and cat/dog. If the children associate most with the first word they jump to the left, if it’s the second word they jump to the right. The choice has to be made within 2 seconds of the words being read out.

  • Could you decide in 2 seconds?
  • Did you follow someone else’s decision?
  • Did you learn anything about yourself?

2a:  Forehead dots; children do not get many opportunities to practise non-verbal communication. This activity involved listening, process of elimination skills and being aware of their role in the group. Each child had a different coloured dot/sticker on their forehead. They then chose one of the four hoops laid on the ground. A leader would give information to help the children figure out what colour they were.

  • What were some of the clues given?
  • How did this activity make you feel?

3: Fingertip hula hoop: skills included teamwork, patience, verbal communication. Children were required to lower a hoop using only their straight index finger. If anyone comes off the hoop the team start again.

  • Could your team do this?
  • If not, what was the problem and how did you resolve it?

3a: 3-Legged race: the children were tied at the ankle and given a set course to go around.

  • How did you work together to get around the course?

4: Caterpillar race; working in teams of 3 or more the children sit behind each other with legs outstretched, holding onto the feet of the person behind them.

  • What teamwork and communication did your team use?

4a: circle of silence: the children form a circle and one child is in the middle with a blindfold on. The circle passes a tin round with a marble in it. They must not let the blindfolded person hear the marble roll. The quantity of marbles increases as the group improve their skills.

  • What skills did you need for this activity?
  • Did you get beyond 1 marble in the tin?

Mr.Oakshott has joined our cosmic team and is looking forward to working with you all and being part of your cosmic experience.