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Well Being Outside

Your mental health and wellbeing are as important to you as your physical health and wellbeing.  Children would have had a range of experiences while away from school for an extended time because of the lockdown. The focus this week has been on wellbeing and reconnection to support pupils’ transitions. We have been extremely lucky with the weather, which has allowed us to spend our sessions outside. Spending time outdoors and connecting with nature has been recognised as a positive step toward improving our mental health.

Keeping in their class bubbles the children were offered 4 activities per class. One class had the choice of:

  1. Getting ready for the winter fires by making a kindling bundle. Using a ruler to measure the length, collect sticks no thicker than your little finger to fill one elastic band.
  2. Get arty using falling leaves and nature on the ground. Make a weaving picture using the net suspended between the trees or create one on the floor
  3. Explore gravity by using the planks and tubes to experiment how gravity is pulling us all down.
  4. Get digging by helping Miss Tester to prepare the beds for Winter. The weeds need pulling up, the soil could do with a dig over and the top needs covering using wood chippings.

The other class had:

  1. Build a den in Bluebell Wood. Create your own little haven while remembering our rules concerning lifting. Do not carry anything taller than yourself on your own, nothing thicker than your leg or your wrist.
  2. Foraging is the ideal activity to help calm and clear your mind. The children only pick the fruit that they have specifically been instructed to. This time of year, has given us rosehips and apples. Some year groups have also been de coring the apples to freeze ready for making apple butter later on in the year.
  3. Our fairy friends and gnome neighbours in the outside classroom are needing new doors for their homes. Use as many items as you can find, they love pretty pine cones and acorn hats.
  4. Time for yourself. This is a very important activity as life can be so busy you never actually take time to explore your surroundings and enjoy the time and space.