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Wider Curriculum

Aims and Ethos

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Autumn 2017 – Pre History

Over the Autumn Term we will be teaching History in a chronological sequence. We will start with Stone Age Britain, move to Bronze Age Britain and finish with Iron Age Britain. The context for the learning will be our investigation of farming techniques around the domestication of sheep. We have worked with the local farm (Staunton Country Park) to source fleeces and have made an introductory video, to show to the children, on the farm site. The children will be using living archaeology to explore the historical periods. They will be completing farming and craft techniques that have carried on throughout history but also looking out how techniques build on each other chronologically. The activities will give a children a tangible idea of what life would have been like, in the years we are studying, and encourage them to be inquisitive about history and its impact on us now.

Science Curriculum in the Outdoor Classroom

Science Topics linked to the curriculum

  • Animals and Humans

  • Plants – Living things and Habitats

  • Scientific Enquiry

Science Map