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Aims and Ethos

Teaching Creative Lifeskills:

The Creative Lifeskills team is committed to providing unique learning opportunities and experiences that challenge learners to build and develop themselves as a person and a citizen, as well as everyday skills which will help them develop curiosity and resilience within an ever changing world.

All of the teaching staff are dedicated to creating special learning experiences that enable learners to value and question the world around them and beyond, whilst developing and enhancing their skills learnt through the wider curriculum. The staff support learners, by helping them question stereotypes and find answers to their own questions. The team provide a safe space to encourage children to discuss and debate issues that are important to them, teaching them to be considerate and respectful of other views and beliefs.

The Creative Lifeskills team strive to ensure pupils achieve their potential by encouraging children to try their best. Learners are reassured to become resilient by seeing mistakes as everyday occurrences that happen to everyone and provide us with new learning opportunities. All children’s work is celebrated and children are encouraged to take pride of their achievements.

We continually review and revise the subjects we teach to ensure our knowledge and understanding is current. The Creative Lifeskills team is passionate about the creative aspects of the wider curriculum and how it can be utilized to not only teach new skills but enhance previously learnt skills through cross curricular teaching. This passion we aim to pass on to our learners to inspire them to continually strive to develop themselves.

Learning through Creative Lifskills

Through our Creative Lifeskills programme we provide opportunities and experiences that allow the learner to acquire and develop new skills, build resilience, become active problem solvers, listen and debate with others in a respectful and caring manner and question the world around them. As well as supporting and developing the learners creative skills we also help develop and enhance skills that will help them in the future. Staff provide a safe space to encourage questioning, this not only enhances the learner’s curiosity but allows staff to deal with any misconceptions directly and enhance their learning.

At Warren Park the children’s welfare is paramount, therefore through our Creative Lifeskills programme we provide opportunities to develop the learner’s knowledge and understanding about their welfare. Learners get safe first hand experiences on how to keep themselves and others safe in different situations and settings including online. Learners explore all forms of bullying, why it occurs, and how to prevent it. They understand the importance of making informed choices about healthy eating, fitness and their emotional and mental well-being. The team also provide learners with an age appropriate understanding about of healthy relationships and how to avoid all forms of abuse and exploitation. The Creative Lifeskills programme supports the learners’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development teaching them key lifeskills to be thoughtful, caring and active citizens in the school and in wider society.