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Our Activities

Summer Fun

Birthday clay tiles.

We kicked of the summer term preparing for the school to celebrate its 50th birthday. Every child designed and made a clay tile to show something memorable about the school or their favourite moments. Once they were dried, the children then had to plan how they were going to decorate them using acrylic paint.

Mental Health awareness

During SATS week we felt that the children needed to remember that they had resilience and also the importance of asking for help when needed.  During the last 2 weeks before half term we had a carousel of activities, challenges and mindful wellbeing tasks for the children to complete.

Summer safety

After half term the children have focussed on the importance of how to keep themselves and others safe in various environments and situations including road, sun and water safety. The children had great fun learning basic first aid skills, from completing a primary survey, putting someone in the recovery position and treating cuts and burns.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight

To begin the term we celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight by looking at how Fairtrade works to help the farmers who grow our food in poorer countries become more financially secure and self-sufficient. The children researched the many different products that are supported by Fairtade and created posters to promote Fairtrade products.

Persuasive Media

The children had great fun exploring just how companies use the power of advertising to persuade us to buy and use their goods. The children investigated lots of different advertisements and came up with their own success criteria’s as to what made a good persuasive advert. The children then had a great time making their own.

Sport Relief

Sport Relief

To finish the term we reviewed what we had learnt about being healthy from the beginning of term and applied it to understand the important message Sport Relief were promoting of getting everyone moving. What a better way to get everyone moving than to pledge as a whole school to take at least 1 million steps! In only 7 days it wasn’t going to be an easy task and we needed to all come together on our team day (398 children and 50 staff), but…….i am pleased to say we clocked up an incredible 1,525,722 steps. A special thanks has to go to the Year 5 children who didn’t go to Stubbington and clocked up an amazing 225,600 steps walking to Staunton and back. You can see on our latest news how we smashed our target.

Internet Safety

Internet Safety

As Safer Internet day fell on our last week before half term, we focussed on how we can all stay safe on the internet. For KS1 the children learnt that the same rules for Stranger Danger apply in the real world and the “virtual world” although it is a lot harder to recognise who is a stranger when you have so many “Online friends”. After a lot of discussion about what a friend was and who our friends are, the children very quickly realised that not all of their “online friends” weren’t actually friends. Lower KS2 openly shared how they use the internet and explored how they could make themselves safer as well as others. Upper KS2, inspired by the tragic story of Breck (told during the webinar which can be found on the schools’ notice board) created acrostic poems about how to stay safe following “Warren’s Rules”.

Healthy Bodies

Healthy Bodies

To kick start the New Year and term we explored how to keep ourselves healthy. In KS1, the children started off by exploring where their food actually comes from by discovering and learning about the countries the food is grown. They were really shocked to find out that half of our fruit we eat has to travel over 5 thousand miles to just get to the UK. There was a mixed response to some of the different fruits children got to try – the lemons were extremely bitter!! In KS2, the children explored how their bodies takes the goodness from the food they eat by researching about the roles our different teeth play and taking a journey through the human digestive system.

As eating healthily is only a part of how we can keep our bodies healthy; we then looked at how exercise and less healthy things can affect our bodies and impact our bodies work. KS1 got to experience how exercise effects their heart rate and breathing, Lower KS2 explored the 4 main types of exercise (aerobic, muscle strengthening, bone strengthening, and stretching and flexibility) and their different effects; whilst upper KS2 got to experience how a lot of alcohol can affect their bodies by trying to complete simple tasks wearing drunk goggles and being disorientated.

Anti-bullying week

Anti-bullying week – For the Birds

This year we used Pixar’s animated short “For the birds” to discuss and promote the importance of speaking out about bullying and celebrating everyone being different. As part of raising awareness we held our very own Odd Sock Day where we were “all different but all equal”. The children also learnt a new song “Unique” by Andy and the Odd Socks

The children also created their very own cartoon strips to make others aware of different ways to deal with bullying and how it is unacceptable.

Freedom Quilts

Reflecting back on our Black History Month learning from earlier in the term. The children learnt about how slaves tried to free themselves by discovering the secret of the unground railroad patchwork quilts. After planning and designing their own secret codes, the children created their own patchwork codes which were put together to make their class own freedom quilt.

Black History Month

As November was Black History Month, the children researched and found out about influential figures in history who have helped shape how our society is today. This led to a lot of discussion about equality and human rights and how learning about the past can help shape our future.

Pillow Case Project

Following the devastating storms of Hurricanes “Irma” and “Maria”, the children took part in the British Red Cross’s “Pillowcase project” and learnt about the great work the British Red Cross do to help people all over the world who are in crisis and what they would do to help keep themselves safe if they were ever near a natural disaster.