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At Warren Park Primary School, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) is an integral part of our school life. We believe that the personal, emotional and social development of all pupils is paramount. Every child has access to our bespoke PSHE curriculum which is delivered through our COSMIC curriculum. The fundamentals of our curriculum is ‘Health and Wellbeing’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Living in The Wider World’.

The COSMIC curriculum allow the pupils to have access to a wide, rich set of experiences. Children have the opportunity to work outside, experience risk, work to improve the school and explore their local community. All of these experiences facilitate pupil’s character and prepares them to be a responsible, respectful and active citizen ready for life beyond Warren Park.

PSHE for our pupils goes beyond COSMIC lessons and intertwines through many aspects of our school life; including teacher expectation, pupil expectation, assemblies and Warren Park Values. Because of how we value PSHE, it supports our children to be in the best possible position to access and engage with the wider curriculum.


COSMIC provides regular PSHE sessions which are fundamental to our schools ethos and values. These sessions enable children to develop their voice through guided P4C lessons. In these P4C lessons, children are taught how to express their opinions, to listen to others and enable them space to challenge viewpoints through questioning. This way of questioning encourages deeper thinking and a wider view of the world we live in.

We use our ‘6 Stands’ to teach children social and emotional learning. The 6 Strands enables both teachers and children to use a common language when learning about social and emotional learning. Children are encouraged to reflect on emotions and how they affect them; teachers can then guide the children in how to understand and act upon emotions and behavior. COSMIC session facilitate a safe space for children to explore; risk and boundaries, resilience and problem solving, focus and mindset, respect for themselves and others, self-regulation and independence.

RSE forms part of the PSHE/COSMIC sessions. We currently deliver a whole school package once a year to all year groups. During this session, as well as delivering a specific program of study, we also use P4C to deepen understanding and explore questions. We create an opportunity for anonymous questions via a post box system.


In order to create a bespoke PSHE package, and to target all children affectively, we use ‘6 Strands’ to assess children’s development. This enables us to create year group targets for social and emotional learning as well as to highlight children who may require additional support. This assessment enables the COSMIC team to adapt teaching to support the specific needs of the children. The COSMIC team use this to reflect on the impact of teaching and to make changes to teaching plans.