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Year Group Curriculum

At Warren Park Primary School we aim to educate and provide opportunities for every child to achieve their potential and involve you as parents with all aspects of your child’s school life. Here you will be able to see what your child will be learning.


Throughout the school we teach and develop children’s skills with reading, writing, and speaking and listening. We use our own progression of skills which we follow according to the children’s needs. This document can be found below.


Throughout the school we teach and develop children’s skills with number values, calculation, problem solving, and abstract maths. We use our own progression of skills which we follow according to the children’s needs. This document can be found below.

Progression of Skills Reading

Progression of Skills Writing

Progression of Skills Maths

Reception overview

Communication and language

To develop listening skills with a small group or whole class.
To listen to stories developing our ability to recall events and characters.
Learning to both understand, answer and ask simple questions.
Develop understanding of concepts big, little, tall, short.
Develop our understanding of prepositions up, over in.
To communicate confidently within a range of different situations.
Learning to speak within the correct tenses.
To develop our breath of vocabulary,

Reading and writing

Learning letter sounds j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee
Learning correct letter formation.
Write our own name and some high frequency words.
Using letter sounds to blend for reading and segmenting spelling.
Recognise nonsense words
Writing simple sentences.
Sequencing stories and events.
Develop understanding of rhyme and alliteration.
To extend our repertoire of stories.
Gain knowledge of how stories and written.
Create awareness of different types of punctuation and their purpose.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

To learn about similarities and difference between themselves and others.
To explore the importance of family, communities and traditions.
To become inquisitive about the natural world around them.
To recognise and use a range of technology and develop an awareness of its purpose.

Personal, social and emotion development

To develop positive relationship with both peers and adults.
To work a long side peers demonstrating how to share resources and resolve conflicts.
Expressing their own preferences and interests.
Build upon own self confidence within new and challenging situation.
To explore and maximise a real love for learning.
To be able to adapt behaviour to different events, social situations and changes in routine.


To develop our fine motor skill needed for writing.
To develop out gross motor skills needed for core stability.
To explore a range of differing sports from football to gymnastic.
To explore the importance of healthy lifestyles.
To understand the importance of eating healthily and exercising.
Develop awareness of dangers at home and within the local community.


Identify and name numbers in and out of sequence.
To write numbers
To solve simple addition and subtraction problems
Weighing quanities comparing and ordering
Measuring lengths comparing and ordering
Using coins to add simple amounts (adding 1p’s/ 2ps)
To recognize and name of both 2D and 3d Shapes- using mathematical language to describe their properties.

Expressive arts

To explore musical instruments and become reflective when identifying sounds.
Experimenting with materials and colour to enhance their creative learning.
To constuct large scale models using pieces to build and balance.
To re-enact stories of fantasy and modern life.

Enhanced provision topics


Life cycles

Around the world





Investigation week


Under the sea



People who help us fireman/doctor/policeman/dentist


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