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Newsletter – July 2019

Allergy Awareness Day Update

A big thank you to everyone involved with the Allergy Awareness Day

held on Friday 10th May. We raised a huge


and added to the £95 already raised by the Jake’s Just Giving Page

Click here to view our Allergy Awareness Leaflet

Article in The News

Tyler’s Charity Walk

This year I wanted to raise money for a charity called Nystagmus Network.  This is because I have two eye conditions one is called Cone Retinal Dystrophy which has caused my secondary eye condition called Nystagmus.  Both conditions affects my eyes in different ways, the cone retinal dystrophy makes me sensitive to light and the Nystagmus causes my eyes to constantly wobble and struggle with depth perception.  Nystagmus Network are a charity who work hard to raise funds to support the research of Nystagmus so when my mum told me about a charity walk in London I asked if we could do it.  So myself, my mum and my dad walked 4 miles around London in the cold, wind and hail to raise £286 so far. Our team name was Tyler’s Titans and we can’t wait to do it again in 2020.

We would love to be able to raise more so if you can help us please visit our fundraising page:-

Books Donated

A great big thank you to Hays Travel for donating lots of brand new books for our library!

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50th Birthday Celebrations

50th Birthday Celebrations



Parent Questionnaire Results

Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback by filling in our questionnaire during parents evening.

We had an amazing 146 responses which means over 50% of our families have taken the time to let us know their thoughts.

How safe do you feel your child is in school?

98% of you felt that children are safe or very safe in school.




Very safe, I trust the school has every measure in place to keep our kids safe.

The new measures have improved my overall feelings.

Extremely safe, especially now the gates are locked.

Very safe, good to see teachers on the playground.

I feel my child is safe at school.

I do feel that my child is perfectly safe in school.

Very safe – no concerns.

Very – pleased the gates are now locked.

With the improvements – very safe.

Very safe and secure, wasn’t sure at first but happy with the improvements.

Very safe, the locked gates give great peace of mind.

2% had some concerns

Slight concern about the perimeter fence.

Perimeter fence a concern.

Fences need to be taller.

Our Response

We are glad that our site improvements, particularly with the locked gates, help to ensure children are safe and parents feel they are safe. We are talking with Governors and looking in to the costs of making improvements to our perimeter fence in the near future.

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

What did you think about our new report format?

100% of you responded positively to the new reports – thank you!



I liked the new layout and progress phrases.

Loved it!

It is very nice, something to keep.

Loved the cover!

I liked it as it is easier to keep in their keep-sake boxes.

Lovely, easy to read, loved the folder.

It is so lovely to keep and look at.

Very clear and a pleasure to read.

Very impressed and presented very well.

Really liked the new layout and grading system.

Very smart, was all set out beautifully and easy to read.

Fantastic, easy to read.

Very clear and well presented.

It may be an idea to have a paragraph from the child on how they feel their term has gone and what they have learnt in the report.

Brilliant, nicely organised, pleased with his report.

Loved it, it really gave an insight in to the boys behaviour.

Very easy to understand.

Vast improvement from previous years.

Easy to read and informative.


Our Response

We are glad you are happy with the report format and thank you for your positive comments. We love sharing how well your children are doing and we are as proud of them and their reports as you are.

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

What would you like to know more about for your child?

Maths – 31% would like more information on Maths.

English – 24% would like more information on English.

Internet safety – 38% would like more information on Internet Safety

Other – homework, history, science, PSHE, PE, telling the truth, crossing the road.

I do feel the teachers keep parents well informed already.

It is very scary with everything that children can get on the internet.

Nothing, very informed in all areas.

I think you give us adequate info on these subjects.

Everything that can help.

X-box online – my child is appearing very inward, mood swings since playing online.

Would like to know more about what they are learning in Maths so I can help with extra work or revision at home.

Anything and everything.

All aspects are always valuable.

All of them to improve my skills and knowledge as a parent.

Maths – particularly areas of weakness so we can work on it at home.

Internet safety – concerned she doesn’t know enough, I am trying at home as well.

Our Response

We are pleased that most of you feel informed about what happens in school. We are planning workshops for English, Maths and Internet Safety over the coming term which we hope will be well attended and provide information and support. Teachers are always available to talk with parents to share specific year group information.

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

Any other comments?

So proud of my daughter and teachers.

Happy with progress.

Extremely happy with progress in school.

Am very happy my child is happy.

More homework would be good.

Thanks for all you do.

Big thank you for all your hard work xxx

Maybe some individual targets for parents to help.

Very impressed on how our son is being taught.

Both my children enjoy their time at school.

Very happy with everything.

My son loves his teachers!

Very happy with progress.

Really happy how my son has settled in, he really likes school.

I think the teachers are brilliant.

Very happy with both teachers.

Very happy overall! *****

Thank you to everyone for another successful year – we are very proud!

Keep up the good work – my son loves school!

My son is very happy at school.

Very happy with my child’s progress.

Really happy with progress and suggestions to help my daughter at home.

My daughter adores her teachers and always looks forward to school – thank you!

Really happy with my daughters progress and how she’s being supported.


My children love coming to school, it’s a wonderful school.

Can’t fault on anything.

Fantastic staff team.

Really pleased my girls are doing well.

A lovely school with lovely staff.

My daughter is always happy to come to school so that’s good for me as means you’re doing a fab job!

Really happy with how my son is doing at school, thanks to the teachers.

Please keep pushing the kids.

I couldn’t be happier with the school and the teachers.

I am really pleased with the way my daughter is progressing and the staff are extremely supportive.

Need to promote website and sites to help.

Fantastic and fabulous school and staff – well done and keep it up!

I am really impressed with all the help and support all staff have shown my daughter. This is a major reason why she loves school.

I think it would be nice to set other homework alongside reading.

Keep up the good work – love everything that is going on.

My daughter has flourished in school this year.

Love the school and improvements. My children have done well at school and are always progressing. Thumbs up Warren Park!

Our Response

Thank you for all your positive comments!

We hope you have enjoyed the special homework edition of Warren’s World and we are looking at our home learning policy in response to parents and children asking for more homework!


Sports Relief 2018

Sport Relief

As Sport Relief’s goal this year is to get everyone moving, we have decided to show our commitment by pledging to take a million steps as part of the Nation’s billion step challenge.

Over the next 2 weeks the Creative Lifeskills team are getting every child to complete a Sport Relief mile as well as focussing on how sport can help people both physically and mentally and help develop skills to overcome many obstacles. So let the Warren Park Million Step challenge begin:

We need a plan to overcome shortfall…..any ideas?

We’ve still got another 73,062 steps to go but only got our team day left to go!!!!

On our team day we came up with a plan that would get everyone involved and help smash our 1 million step target. The plan was to get all 4 teams ,Laurence, Theodore, Lavinia and Esther to walk 1 lap of the school. Our whole school lap of the school added a massive

373,184 steps

We also forgot to add the steps taken by the Year 5 children that didn’t go to Stubbington. On Tuesday 20th March they walked to Staunton Country Park and back adding another

225,600 steps

Our Sport Relief ‘Get Moving’ total steps was an incredible

1,525,722 steps



Daily Total

Monday 19th March



Tuesday 20th March




Tuesday 20th March



Wednesday 21st March




Thursday 22nd March




Monday 26th March



Tuesday 27th March




Wednesday 28th March




Thursday 29th March



Steps Remaining


Total Steps


Christmas 2017

Christmas Teamday

Friday 1st December marked the beginning of our countdown to Christmas. We made this a Christmas activity fun day for the children to get into their team groups and take part in various activities throughout the day.

Leigh Park – Opening Santa’s Grotto

Our school choir, made up of Year 3 and Year 4 pupils, performed at the opening of Santa’s Grotto in the Greywell Shopping Precinct in Leigh Park on Thursday 30th November.

Primary Link Magazine

Primary Link Magazine

Primary Link Magazine Cover

The spring Issue of the Primary Link Magazine can be viewed here or by clicking on the cover.

Oakley's Walking Fund

Thursday 24th March

Non school uniform day

We ask for a small contribution please

Please support our fundraising event for

‘Oakley’s Walking Fund’

It would be fantastic if children came in green in support of the cause


Staff will be completing a 12 hour exercise bike ride to raise money

School office is happy to accept any donations

Let’s have fun!!!!!

easter raffle OWF