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School Clubs

We are very conscious that children have missed extra-curricular opportunities and so we are putting together a programme of clubs that they can join over the coming year. We will use the Arbor Parent Portal which will support this. Clubs will have a limited number of places but each club will be for a fixed number of weeks so that if a child is unsuccessful in securing a place first time round we will ensure that they will get an opportunity at another point during the year.

Infant clubs will take place during lunchtimes so this will be managed within the school although they will need to sign up for a place using the Arbor Parent Portal.

Junior clubs will take place after school and we would ask that you check the finishing time carefully as it will be different depending on the club.

Many of the clubs will be run by school staff and will not involve a charge. There will also be a number of sports and music clubs for the juniors which will have a charge but this is still being heavily subsidised by the school.


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