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School Uniform

We believe that wearing uniform encourages a feeling of pride and an identity with the school. For that reason we hope all children will wear school uniform and ask parents to support us with this wish. he school uniform is as follows:




White shirt or white polo shirt Plain white T-shirt
Black or grey trousers White polo shirt
Royal sweatshirt Black or grey trousers
Royal fleece
Royal mistral jacket




White blouse or white polo shirt White polo shirt
Black or grey school skirt Plain white T-shirt
Black or grey trousers Black or grey school skirt
Royal sweatshirt Black or grey trousers
Royal cardigan Blue & white gingham dress
Royal fleece

All new children joining the school will be given a free sweatshirt, poloshirt and P.E. bag.

Warren Park Primary School sweatshirts, cardigans, fleeces, mistral jackets, polo shirts, caps, book bags and P.E. bags are all available at the school office.

We ask that parents clearly mark their child’s name on their clothing; however we are now providing sweatshirts with a unique identifying number to ensure the safe return of the item.

For P.E. we ask that a t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls/trainers are provided (don’t forget to label them).

There is a lost property box which is normally kept near to the school office.  Please feel free to come and have a look if your child has lost an item of clothing.  We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to an individual’s property.

Uniform Price List 2016 is available here to view or download